Sing it. Write it. Paint it. Dance it. Create it.


Are you a Black artist in the state of Utah? If so, you belong in Utah Black Artists Collective! 

UBLAC is an invaluable resource connecting artists of color throughout the state of Utah. You can become a member of the artist collective at no cost. We are a non-profit organization here to support and provide opportunities specifically for YOU.

Please submit a 3rd person biography, your headshot, and 1 to 3 examples of your work as an image, video, or document file to utahblackartcollective@gmail.com.


Showcase and perform your artistry through UBLAC. Our highest priority is building a connection between Black art and our greater community.

As an organization, we work to create and find opportunities for all our UBLAC artists to share their work. We want to hear your poetry, watch you dance, view your artwork, listen to your music, read your writing, and be lifted by your creativity.

We can’t wait for you to share and experience #BLACKJOY through art.


UBLAC offers a mentorship program supporting up-and-coming young artists of color. We connect talented individuals seeking to learn from professional examples. Students team up with members of the collective who share their emphasis — music, dance, poetry, visual art, graphic design, writing, etc. — with a goal to confidently improve their artistry with caring guidance and support.

Are you or your child interested in connecting with a UBLAC mentor? Contact us at utahblackartcollective@gmail.com.



To become a member of the collective please send a 3rd person bio, a photo or headshot of you, & 1-3 examples of your work to utahblackartcollective@gmail.com.

Jayrod Garrett*
TEACHER • Poet • Storyteller

Meet Jayrod

Wynter the Poet*
Performance Poet

Meet Wynter

Liz Lambson*
MUSICIAN • Writer • Artist

Meet Liz

Avery Franklin*
Graphic Designer

Meet Avery

Katlyn Addison*
Classical Ballerina

Meet Katlyn

Joseph Blake

Meet Joseph

Bashaun Williams

Meet Bashaun

Pepper Rose
Singer • Songwriter

Meet Pepper

Ashley Finley
performance Poet

Meet Ashley

C. Valenta

Meet C.

Camille Washington
Producer • Writer

Meet Camille

Daney Lin

Meet Daney

Dominica Green
Contemporary Dancer

Meet Dominica

Jazz Bynum
Classical Ballerina

Meet Jazz

Shaddie B.

Meet Shaddie

Torris Fairley

Meet Torris


Meet Ya-Ya